Starfall of Thornreach

Lashti's Adventures! Eristis 3rd and 4th

Deeper Into the Cyclopean Ruins

So we checked out the North Guard Tower today.

In the first room we tripped off a spell that caused some chanting <jabbering>. Well it turns out that none of the other adventurers knew who Vordakai was, so I belt out a bitchin’ air lute version of “The Tomb of Vordakai” right there in the dungeon! Take that, book learning! You’ll learn magic better in a library than in a bar they said … but no!

Anyway most of the skeletons and stuff were dead dead, and the armors and weapons all rusted to muck. But then we came on this weird room, full of books, and furnitures, and stuff that was of recent vintage and not thousands of years old with a big old chest full of gold in the middle. So I joke that it is probably a mimic. I summon some little lizards to go around the room and temp it, but nothing happens. Mirro shoots it a couple of times to be sure, nothing. Then Mirro and Zara search the rooms for traps, but declare it all clear, so I go to check out some of the books and suddenly the chest whips out these tentacles and attacks!

It was a mimic after all, it was just good at not taking bait or flinching when shot or anything, and waiting uptil we’d finally let our guard down … And it was sticky! People and weapons kept sticking to it. But Zara and Rak attacked the heck out of it. And Ziku healed them a bunch, and I greased Mirro’s clothes so he was able to escape before he was crushed to death. And eventually we beat it and it dissolved into a big puddle of sticky goo (which then ruined many of the books of the floor). So we looted. A few magic items, but none for me. I’ll get a share of the money though (the gold we saw in the chest was real). But Ziku was all tapped out, and the fighters were like, uhm maybe that’s enough for today … so we went back.

On our way back to main camp, I actually outstealthed Mirro! I know like when is that ever going to happen again. And this spider-thing attacked him, but by the time the whole party was coming for it, and Zara’s flaming claws were out (it seemed not to like light), it decided to run. I ran after it (and really pumped my speed, my morphing is really flexible that way), but the party decided to just let it run, so I spared it rather than destroying it with my Magic missles.

So we slept, and in the morning when we went back to the tower, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness well enough that I could see even in pure darkness. I channelled the power of the void into Zara’s eyes and she could do it too. I can sorta even feel the arcane power of the void within me now. Halicityphon called me “child of the ancient darkness” and yeah I can kinda feel the ancient darkness of the void powering me… I’m not sure I really want to be on the side of the void, but I think I sorta am whether I like it or not… Well, I’m sure I’ll find ways of using void power to help my friends, and make money, and have fun, and build my skyclimber so I can see the upper atmosphere … But for now it’s the bowels of the earth. OK, enough of a break we’re gonna try exploring the spiral stairs down now …



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