Starfall of Thornreach

Adventure Record

Entry 1

If there’s one thing being an Elan taught me is that you cannot fully trust anyone (mortals that is). I must put my kind above all else, my mission second, and myself after. For the moment, however, my mission has brought me to this kingdom. This is where my new life has brought me. Is it fate or chance? I can never decide. One thing’s for sure is that I’ll be glad when this is all over. All of these humans blather on and on. Alcoholism seems to be their way of life. This is especially true with that fellow Broderick. For all the ale he drinks, he sure does a fine job of keeping us out of trouble. For all it’s worth I have to give some credit to this human. The powers granted to him through his god certainly keep us all on our feet. However as a follower of Irori I carry somewhat of a distaste for the ways of Calinites. And of course there’s Lashti, a farm girl who takes a lot of pride in her kin. I for one can certainly admire such a quality. However, she’s so young, so naive… Then there’s Zara, the amnesiac follower of Sarenrae. She isn’t like the rest of the humans though, and I can relate to her in someways. She looks different, like me, and we carry other similarities as well. She’s certainly more outgoing than I am, and has much more of a passion to do good, while I do what I feel is necessary within my personal code. Maybe I should take some of my time to talk to her… And lastly… There’s Bogo… A weird one he is. He’s some kind of druid monkey-man. He’s much too wild and chaotic for me. I don’t trust him, more so than the rest of the group.



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