Starfall of Thornreach

The Temples of the Aboleth

Then it comes with the little man. His heart is woe, his plight is so. We are one, and so it is. No questions are needed. Far across we are sent, for purposes many – for the guild, to seek, to rescue, to restore. For our friend, the same. To a town we come, a town what vanishes. Up and down we search, finding nothing besides a forgetful fox. Nothing but the obvious, which leads to a great secret underground, the gangan of an underwater army.

Skum they were called,and there were many in their spiraling realm. Whole baprik to turn man into fish, almost consuming us in our krehan. Stronger foes did we find, though – trolls seljb with mythic power, and those who would control them. Fie, none of the fish were of their own mind, controlled as slaves of the Aboleth.

Alas, we found ourselves awash. Terran forces above, mystic forces below. The little man…Miro, for honor him I should…gave us purchase and escape. Where the journey takes him, we do not know, but of thanks we wish him. Down, down into the waters, beyond an unholy city we pursued the Aboleth, defeating his magical pawn and his pawn’s electrical pawn and bringing the foulness within inches of mortality before it disappeared into the darkness below.

But yea, the magic is gone, the curse is lifted, and so the town could return to normal if not for masses from over the border setting encampment on the shores. Carefully we retraced ourselves, missing one member but potentially gaining another.

Our struggles and travels are not all that have befallen. At the onset, we dined of royalty of Thornreach. Strife rears the head in Brevoy. Pshont Issian and pshont Roslander waves themselves about and beg the tides to crash down among them. Despite the years…I am known. More of themselves they spoke, naught of my father. I stand in thine head if it fashioned, but time can be bid and so I wait.

We also met an old friend, to loosely. It suggests a larger scheme. Far. Grand. There is much to consider, but it appears father is involved, and the urgency returns. Cards are held close until the hand is know, but the time has come, and these people who have shed for me and protected me need to know the score before the page turns. I gave them all of Father, of Brevoy, and asked the plea.

I do not have the answers, and they may be lost in the larger form, but it continues. It will continue. Our road now leads back into Numeria, avoiding the Technic League like a fly dances with a shorvt’s whip. it is probably inevitable. Beyond all I impart the same warning a boy was given before – stay in Mendev. Serve your liege. This is beyond all of us. We are all the little men when planets walk and talk among us.


The first charge as part of this trust, what wonders were beheld. Strange alchemical vistas beyond the scope of any kin before, by a race long ro. Evenwix we found ourselves amidst a strange subterranean war between plant people and [unintelligible] Miro-like creatures. Basked in our charge did we, rising to face the all and with mighty cleavings did I defeat the warrior priestess and defend this. I have traveled far, but these people have helped me to come into my own. They have not failed mine, and I trust not of them. Our glamour increases.

Orber, my longings are closer at hand. Mineings are of my father. More knowledge is needed. The time will come, and I do not believe I will be alone. Andrificu can suck schavimnx.

Lashti's Journal: Erisus 21 -26
The Quest for Sky, Kissing the Ring, and a New Terror

Erastus 21:
I have been dreaming of this day for most of the past year, maybe even longer. My SkyClimber is finally complete, and I have a few days before the party Vandarial invited me to, so IT IS TIME TO CLIMB THE SKY!!!

First a few words about my Skyclimbing Engine – The skyclimbing engine is a custom magic item of my own creation and design. It isn’t really technomancy, it is a standard sorcerous item of wonderous power, but it has a number of design features inspired by my limited understanding of technomancy. It is powered largely by spinning inertial discs and anti-gravity tiles, although it uses air crystals to generate thrust as well. There is a closed system of alchemical reagents, used as power catalysts to enhance and transfer the arcane power around from the stabilizers, to the anti-grav, to the air crystals depending on which needs the power the most at the moment. The whole thing is housed in a large complex metal housing, (with some more complicated tubings, and some ceramic bits as well). There are a number of control and display runes as well, to adjust speed, altitude, etc. and display how well it is performing etc. (you touch the runes, or read which parts are lit up to control it or intepret it). I put is all in Draconic for easy use (well OK some of the markings on the air crystals are in Auran, but I got them that way). The whole thing weighs over 50lb when it is off. But when it is ON, it can lift itself and another 300lb of lift, and it can hover, climb, or slow descend at 2 miles and hour, like a levitation spell, but unlike a levitation spell it can do so for hours at a time continuously, days even, maybe even months or years. I have attached the engine firmly to a small rowboat. I got the lightest one I could find, as strange little boat of Lizardfolk manufacture, designed for easy portage. I’ve tested the Skyclimber craft at low hover, and the engine will carry, the boat, me, and some supplies. But today I am going to journey MILES into the sky. Like the dwarves and orcs of old I have embarked on an epic quest for sky, but I am not stopping at the surface, the very bottom of the sky, no, no I am going to journey to the upper parts of the sky! What wonders will the upper sky hold? We shall see. Most of my cargo is alchemical equipment so I can take measurements and collect data, and experiment on the upper sky while I am there, oh and some food and water.

I am now about a mile above the surface. The weather is good, but there are some scattered clouds both at my level and above me. I am with the birds, and the air is still fine. Many have flown this high before, although it is a new experience for me. The land is laid out below me, the houses and fields are tiny, look a little horse way in the distance below. Skyclimbing isn’t really like flying, there is no whoosh and whoop, no careful dance of body and wind. The vessel just goes up, slowly and steadily, like climbing an infinite rope to forever …

3 miles up: I caught a glimpse of a cloud giant castle floating in the distance, miles and miles away (actually it must be tens of miles away). I took out my optics (not really a full spyglass, but something similar) to try to get the best veiw I could and saw something even cooler and closer. A cloud dragon emerged from a cloud bank a few hundred yards away from me and flew south. I know it saw me, and I certainly saw it {hastily sketch}. I suspect this dragon was none other than Duchess Ivy, the greatest mage in Thornereach. I’ve heard many stories of her, but never met her, (although I scheduled to attend a party at her castle in a few days). I’ve seen no birds for the last mile or so, and the air here is thin enough that I can tell I would be struggling badly to breath it if I still needed to breathe. Also it is noticably colder. If I am ever skyclimbing with regular people I’ll need to have them dress warm, and this is about as high as they can go.

11 miles up: I haven’t seen any living thing since the cloud dragon hours ago. I am above all the clouds now even the Cirrus clouds. I based through a cirrus cloud a few miles back, and it was composed of ice crystals floating gently in the air, rather than liquid water droplets and regular clouds and fog are. The temperature is below freezing here, but after falling slowly every mile has now stabilized at a little below freezing. The air is very thin. If I had to breath, I would have died from insufficient air several miles below, but my alchemy shows that there are still measurable amounts of air element here.

13 miles up: The wind has shifted, it is now steady and strong and nearly due east, even though it was SEerly and gusty below. There are no clouds this high, so there is no way to tell wind direction at a distance without actually feeling it. Although there are no obvious shifts, the background arcana have shifted this high up. Air magic is enhanced and earth magic is impeded. That’s a little odd because there is actually less air here than nearer the surface, but I guess the earth elements being so far away allows what air there is to more fully dominate. There is much less water in the air as well come to think of it. And the temperature has been steady a a little below freezing for miles now. The air has an odd smell too, like the smell just after lightning, even though there is no lightning present.

20 miles up: Sunset was glorious, it was almost as if I was in it while it was happening. I’m far enough up now that I can see the curvature of Golarion. I’ve known, of course, that Golarion is a vast ball, as all planets are, that it is merely so big that it seems flat. But from the perspective up here, the horizon is noticeably bent. It’s pretty odd. I am over the Gudrin river now miles from Melian. The wind must be blowing me East and South of my starting point. My boat is fairly low cut, and my prow is to the wind, but I must be drifting some. If I put out a sail I could probably travel pretty rapidly. The land is far below me and very small but it stretches out forever anyway. Our perspective is so tiny on the ground.

Erastus 22
45 miles up: It is a little before sunrise. The stars at night were magnificent. I swear that many more were visible last night than the darkest night I’d ever seen before. They seemed no closer, but much stronger. I wonder is star magic is enhanced up here. The temperature fell again as I slept and it is now very cold, cold enough to wake me, despite my magical protections. My reading show that up here, earth and water magic are impeded but that air magic is no longer enhanced. I guess there is too little air for that. There is no wind to speak of Here void and air are doing subtle battle, barely detectable. I have also taken small amounts of some strange kind of damage I can’t quite place. Blood vessels near my skin have broken as in a long time drunkard’s nose. But it isn’t much or enough to turn back yet.

46 miles up: The cold was too much and I had to cast a Resist Energy spell. I’m ok now, but it will only last an hour and a half. I can cast more, but not an unlimited number. Perhaps cold is still the limit for me after all. Nonetheless, I’m confident I can descend quickly in a fall if necessary, so I’ll press on until I’m almost out of spells. Sunrise was lovely. I’m nearing Lake Silverstep and the Tor Mountains. The kingdom is spread out below me like a map. I can make out Varnhold, Talon peak, The Shrike river, Melian, the Little Sellen, and (that village on Lake Silverstep), simply by scanning around. It is as if the horizon is steadly retreating.

49 miles up: For the first time since I passed the last cloud, I think I saw something in the mid distance, maybe within a 1000 yards of me (it’s hard to tell). It was just a small set of shifting colors, without much in the way of shape, and was probably no bigger than me. Was it a natural phenomena, or maybe an arcane discharge of some kind, or perhaps a form of air elemental not present in the lower atmosphere, or some kind of thing of the void or dark tapestry? At any rate it did not approach or show any evidence of noticing me, and before long I was too far away to see it.

59 miles up: I was about to renew my cold protection spell for the last time before turning back … when I realized that I don’t have to, it no longer feels bitterly cold. My attempts to determine the temperature are giving me nonsense results. It is very hot and very cold at the same time somehow. Indeed, my body is currently taking low levels of heat and cold damage simultaneously, (but within the tolerances of both my heat and cold resistance). I have no explanation for this. And it should be impossible. But it seems to be happening nonetheless. My tests show that here fire, cold, and void magic are all enhanced, and earth, water, and air magic are all impeded. The exhaust from my air crystal jets, expands and whooshes below me visibly now. The sun also seems different here … perhaps the atmosphere blocks some of the subtle effects of the sun somehow. I didn’t bring anything to test that guess with though. When I look down, the sky seems blue, but when I look up or out it is … not black exactly … I don’t know how to describe it, it is like day and night are mixed together somehow. My quick alchemical tests are giving bizzarre nonsense results, I have decided to cease alchemy so I don’t accidentally blow myself up with some reaction that is harmless at surface level but dangerous up here.

70 miles up: My second sunset in the upper atmosphere. I’m still over the Gudrin valley just west of Lake Silver step, but from here I can now see the Narlmarches in the distance. I keep straining to see Restov, but cannot. The sunset was a combination of glory and confusion. To the sides and above it was as if things went from light to dark very quickly, now quiet blowing out a candle, but say a sunset condensed into a minute or two. But below me, I could watch the sunset creep across the globe at something like it’s normal pace. I watched the sunset, from above the sunset. I’ve had my share of danger and fear in the course of adventuring. Halicityphon is the foulest thing I have ever encountered. But I will treasure to the end of the days the sight of the sunset creeping below me. How many have seen such a sight. I spent a small fortune building the Skyclimber, but watching the sunset creep across the sky from above the sky … I’m not a religious lady, despite my parents best efforts. But this is awe, this is amazement at the wonder of vast mysteries. Dark and light in a confusion, but a beautiful, mysterious aweful confusion. I can’t wait to see the stars …

80 miles up: Midnight Erastus 22 or there abouts. Yup the stars are fucking glorious from 80 miles up. So much clearer. Brighter. But still so … so, so far away …

Erastus 23

96 miles up: I have now been skyclimbing steadily for 2 full days. I slept much of last night, but woke in the middle briefly to look at the stars. I slept through sunrise this morning. Way below me it is fairly cloudy. I could probably see Restov if not for the cloud cover. There is still the strange mix of hot and cold, and the air is thin enough to be effectively absent. I am on the edge of the great void, but it stretches on and on, a darkness beyond the sky on scales that boggle the mind. It would be hundreds of thousands of miles to get to the moon, much less to another planet, or another star. But I am pretty much beyond the protective blanket of air that surrounds Golarion, and on the edge of the dark tapestry. The stars are visible even in day time up here, or perhaps day and night have no meaning here, and day is something that only really happens down below (although I can see it happening). It is time to go back to the surface …
I have begun my free fall and can’t even estimate my current speed, except that it is faster than I’ve ever been before.
There is air again now, and it is slowing me some, but I am still going down very, very fast, indeed the air is heating up the boat …
The zone of killing cold only took a few minutes to fall through, and the air was rushing fast enough to keep me warm anyway …
I decided to halt my freefall and try controlled descent for a bit … the transition from free fall to levitating descent shook the Skyclimber pretty hard, and was hard on the engine, but it held and the boat held … I think I better let the boat cool off a bit so it doesn’t catch on fire … I’m still maybe 20 or 30 miles up, and drifting gently east again in the strange steady easterly wind high up …
OK falling again for a few minutes. Not as fast this time, although I heat up more quickly.
Maybe 10 miles up, I just cast glide and transitioned smoothly from falling to flying, my downward descent is now slow and steady, but I am travelling west (and a little north) rapidly to try to get back to Melian. The whole trip from 96 mile up to 10 miles up took maybe half an hour, with an extra 10 minute cooling off period. There is heavy altostratus clouds below me, but they are broken up enough for me to get a sense of the terrain below.
I’m within a few miles of Melian, but I’ve entered the altostratus formation now and can’t see jack. I can just barely breath again. It’s my first breath in over 2 days, man that’s weird.
I’m below the clouds now, and overshot Melian by a few miles and have to circle back around.
Yup there’s my tower.
Coming in for final descent, switching back to levitation.
And I’ve landed safely in my courtyard. Jerzy helps me stow the alchemical gear and get a tarp over the Skyclimber. He says it’s about 5PM. I send Jerzy to get the rest of the Fists to all go out to a Tavern with me, to tell them all my tales over good food and beer! WHOO-HOO! I did it! I survived! I’ve seen things, and learned secrets and mysteries! HAHAHAHA! Beer!

Erastus 26th
Last night was AMAZING! Oh and terrifying. It doesn’t top my skyclimb, but it’s easily the 2nd coolest time of my life. But also one of the scariest. So on the 17th, the Fists of Mystery were invited to a party at the tower of Duchess Ivy. Fancy arcane invitations even. So Ziku and I went shopping for fancy clothes. I ordered an amazing green dress, with lots of ornamentation, real expensive, like a noble woman would wear to the opera! On the 24th I picked it up and had my hair done. Then we took a boat to little Irissen. The lake froze 2 miles out and the whole area was in perpetual winter. In Erastus! Ivy’s tower was awesome, made of ice and stone, huge, throbbing with power, guarded by Ice Golems who could even do some rudimentary talking. Inside was a dance hall, she had just created special for the occasion, because she can do that. The heralds announced me as Lashti Mikelova Hero-Adventurer of Thornereach. And inside was the King! King Tucker. And I was taken up to kiss his ring. Oh and I met Duchess Ivy (again?), she was just sitting on her throne drinking, and not giving a shit. Oh and Rak was introduced as Sir Raksaka Mashujaa of Brevoy. He’s a knight of Brevoy. His missing father is a noble man who hasn’t declared for either side of the war yet. I don’t know which house yet. There were lots of Issian and Rostlander diplomats, and plenty of Thornereach nobles and adventurers. And food, and dancing, and flirting and chatting, and fun! Except for the Irrisens, bitchy winter witches in exile living with Duchess Ivy. King Tucker made a great speech about peace and love, and was clearly trying to keep the peace between Issia and Rostland, that was the whole point of the party and negotiations had clearly been going on for days.
We got taken aside at one point to talk to Count Vandarial in private. He gave a go ahead for our latest venture. Then we went back to mingling. The outfits, the dancing, dealing with the high and mighty as, well not a peer, but as a someone … Hero-Adventurer is pretty much equivalent to knight or lesser Swordlord. I was given respect. I was treated as a minor player on the stage of nations. It was glorious, even though none of the guys caught my eye. I kept thinking of Feck, and oddly enough Aekro, while dancing with handsome nobles my own age. I danced with Sir Brunder Medislav! Won’t Elkhana be jealous! Remember when we used to swoon over him at a distance at the Restov Market? Well he was part of the Rostland diplomatic detachment, and Erastil help me, he seemed boring. Handsome, rich, honorable, skilled with the blade, but boring. I saw Aven and he’s made a lot of progress on unraveling the “science” thing that the technomancers use from the skypeople. I was thinking about science, and my precious juice box, and Feck, and even Aven, who’s kinda an asshole, but a smart interesting weird friend asshole. Oh and one of the witches tried to make fun of my antennae, and I was diplomatic about it! And she just wound up looking bad.
Not so terrifying right? Celebration of my successes and how far I’ve come, and how well off and respected I am right? But then at the end of the night the Issian ambassador, finally got huffy and then declared WAR on both Rostland and Thornereach and stormed out. War. It’s finally come. We’ve feared it so long. Been on the brink of it so long. Now it’s happened. I don’t even know if Thornereach will rally to Rostlands aide yet. And I committed to a project earlier that evening that will take me far away from Thornereach and Rostland. I don’t know how long it will take. Should I resign my commission as Hero-Adventurer and fight for Rostland? Maybe, but not before I finish this project (if we can, if we survive). And who knows how well that will go, or how long it will take. It could be months before I return, and where will the war be then? Fisli will be on the frontlines. And Tuomas, Elkhama’s husband, heck, Preter might be tempted to sign up if there is actual war … I invited my family to come stay with me in Melian if they need to. I guess if things go badly even the family farm could be in danger. I’ll be worrying for my family for a long time, and it isn’t even a threat I can confront directly like Halicityphon or the Wolf-Murderer, sigh.
Well, I’m off to do good I shouldn’t talk about even in this journal, I’ll be back and see what’s what.

Lashti's Adventures! Eristis 3rd and 4th
Deeper Into the Cyclopean Ruins

So we checked out the North Guard Tower today.

In the first room we tripped off a spell that caused some chanting <jabbering>. Well it turns out that none of the other adventurers knew who Vordakai was, so I belt out a bitchin’ air lute version of “The Tomb of Vordakai” right there in the dungeon! Take that, book learning! You’ll learn magic better in a library than in a bar they said … but no!

Anyway most of the skeletons and stuff were dead dead, and the armors and weapons all rusted to muck. But then we came on this weird room, full of books, and furnitures, and stuff that was of recent vintage and not thousands of years old with a big old chest full of gold in the middle. So I joke that it is probably a mimic. I summon some little lizards to go around the room and temp it, but nothing happens. Mirro shoots it a couple of times to be sure, nothing. Then Mirro and Zara search the rooms for traps, but declare it all clear, so I go to check out some of the books and suddenly the chest whips out these tentacles and attacks!

It was a mimic after all, it was just good at not taking bait or flinching when shot or anything, and waiting uptil we’d finally let our guard down … And it was sticky! People and weapons kept sticking to it. But Zara and Rak attacked the heck out of it. And Ziku healed them a bunch, and I greased Mirro’s clothes so he was able to escape before he was crushed to death. And eventually we beat it and it dissolved into a big puddle of sticky goo (which then ruined many of the books of the floor). So we looted. A few magic items, but none for me. I’ll get a share of the money though (the gold we saw in the chest was real). But Ziku was all tapped out, and the fighters were like, uhm maybe that’s enough for today … so we went back.

On our way back to main camp, I actually outstealthed Mirro! I know like when is that ever going to happen again. And this spider-thing attacked him, but by the time the whole party was coming for it, and Zara’s flaming claws were out (it seemed not to like light), it decided to run. I ran after it (and really pumped my speed, my morphing is really flexible that way), but the party decided to just let it run, so I spared it rather than destroying it with my Magic missles.

So we slept, and in the morning when we went back to the tower, my eyes had adjusted to the darkness well enough that I could see even in pure darkness. I channelled the power of the void into Zara’s eyes and she could do it too. I can sorta even feel the arcane power of the void within me now. Halicityphon called me “child of the ancient darkness” and yeah I can kinda feel the ancient darkness of the void powering me… I’m not sure I really want to be on the side of the void, but I think I sorta am whether I like it or not… Well, I’m sure I’ll find ways of using void power to help my friends, and make money, and have fun, and build my skyclimber so I can see the upper atmosphere … But for now it’s the bowels of the earth. OK, enough of a break we’re gonna try exploring the spiral stairs down now …

Zara is in jail
Will she stay a priest or be doomed to be a disgrace?

Zara was arrested for trying to get a magic wolf cloak identified and for collusion with a Necromancer. She is suspected of doing some sort of misstep or minor evil act.

Since when is eating cookies and drinking tea an act of suspicion?
The darn priesthood up here in the North is so stuffy and ridiculous! Whatever happened to living life to the fullest and with the fires of the Sun within one’s loins? I may not remember a lot of my past, but I do know that the Inquisitor has me all wrong. Inquisitors! …Overly serious stick-in-the-muds! They really need to lighten up! I think if I could enlighten that gnomish robe up with some of the ways of the desert, he’d definitely turn around! Rawr! giggle Wow, it has been way too long since this traveler has found her way into the company of another’s personal affections. Seriously! …I know things are desperate when I’m fantasizing about an Inquisitor! And an Inquisitor who wants to remove me from the priesthood of all things!

Meanwhile… this jail is not so bad. Dry, fresh (not rancid) water, allowed to keep my stuff (no one went through it even!). The jailer didn’t try to steal anything or to defile me! I gotta say, at least the North has that going for it! I have heard some REALLY BAD stories about other jails. Glad this one isn’t like that! And it has kitties! AWWWW! They even have been trying to feed me. At night, they all cuddled up with me in the clean straw. Yup! CLEAN STRAW. I hope I can get out of here nonetheless.

If I lose my priesthood, it could dishonor my family. Coming from a line of water genie servants to the Goddess herself… hmmm, I really don’t think it will fare well. Mind you, I am a mortal offspring of them, but still, it has me quite nervous…

Aven's solo adventure

Aven lets loose a sigh of relief as he rides painfully back into Melisan. As he passes the city guardsmen he nods in recognition of some of his previous drinking partners. The hustle and noise of the city a welcome and familiar ease to his mind after spending so much time in the humid, depressing, and uneasy forest. Finally Aven is able to unload his Arcane rifle and holster it behind his right shoulder.

As his mount saunters onto the guild grounds he passes the reigns to one of the squires from house Hamalton so the dusty and sweaty nag is finally able to eat and be bathed down properly. Weary from the long ride back he stumbles into the midst of probably one of the most obnoxious hazards of the TAG, the Starbarians.


Aven’s ears rang with the drunken scream of the Tigerlord barbarian’s boast. The pain was almost enough to make him draw his rifle and try bludgeon the obnoxious lout unconscious but surely this would only damage his rifle.

“I must go make a report to secretary Ahri, Morg. I have no time to listen to your unsavory exaggeration.” Turning briskly and power walking into the main building Aven shakes his head in wonder the the odious barbarian group was able to handle and survive another difficult and possibly delicate task with out turning the entire country inside out. “Truly the gods themselves protect the insane and the Imbecilic,” he mutters as he stomps in aggravation to the Administration Library to scribe up his report on the current status of the Fist’s of Mysteries progress on thier newest quest and the news of the abandonment of the group of their group mate Mnemnisine.

After a few tedious hours writing and drying his report Aven makes his way up to Secritary Ahri’s desk. Trying unsuccessfully not to stare at the beautiful Kitsune, he lays this report into the intake bin next to her desk. With a last furtive glance he almost stumbles as she looks up from the spell book she was transcribing.
“Adventurer Mordred, Maralictor Morigan would like to see you this evening before dinner bell. Please make sure to be prompt and dress nice so as you can join him and the Duchess for dinner.” Her words rang through Aven like a crystal clear bell and reverberated through his bones, leaving him weak knee’d with fear. The idea of eating dinner with his guild-master, a Hellknight of high status known for his poison tongue, and The Dragon Duchess had him leaning against the wall around the corner. Aven may have been invited to dinner, or maybe he was invited as dinner.


Finally, the first arm of my travel has reached its end. From the borders of Mendev, past Hajoth Hakados and the Sellen, I have found them. Is it Wealday, is it Oathday? Apropos that one.

A very motley lot, at first appearances, but surely all the umvi can’t be false; especially those spoken by mate’ko barbarians. Still they seemed unaware that someone would come for them of peace.

Not much was found before my test was given – a large tentacled mass came of us. Wonders are casual but this was of none before seen and I kuona to have falled at first, but my Bre came about and Heartclaw true. This newfound light surged and the beast fell before us.

We travel on, embracing, searching for an ill befell these fields. I say we. I believe my test, for now, has passed.

Lashti's Diary Desnus 9 and 12

Desnus 9

Flaming Phoenix Feathers! The Technic League libraries are awesome. And I learned so much … They have this indexing machine, that is powered by technomancy, and you press these buttons to represent each of the letters in the words you want and then the go! button, and it finds you which books talk about the topics you “typed” in. And even just the medium security library that I was given access to, had all kinds of books that mentioned the Lashunta or the planet of Castroval. I got to read whole chapters on them. I got multiple perspectives, from multiple credible sources! I got actual leads for further research. I saw an illustration of a real Lashunta woman! OK. OK. Some notes

Lashunta have extreme sexual dimorphism, the males are short, smart, swarthy, and strong, but lack subtlety. The females are tall, elf-like other than the antennae, charismatic, smart, but not nearly as hardy as the males. Lashunta trade with elves, and have lots of elven influence on their culture, and occasionally interbreed with elves. Most Lashunta speak elvish, and it is often hypothesized that the two races are related somehow. They are known for their wizardry and sorcery, especially the females, and their magic seems somewhat related to this “psionics” thing that Ziku and Mnenosyne keep talking about. Females often have the ability to cast daze, ghost hand, detect thoughts, or have short range telepathy (like genies or demons do), and these appear to focus through the mind and antennae as much as the blood or hands. They are native to Castroval the Green the second planet of the Solar System, and live in a variety of terrains, cultures, and political systems. They very rarely leave Castroval though, and interplanetary travel is seriously difficult to pull off even for legendary mages. However, several theorists have suggested that the Elves know more about the Lashunta than anyone else, and that perhaps the Place they retreated to during the Darkfall was actually Castrovel. Indeed, the elfgates may be one of only a few suspected ways to travel between planets (the others are strange technomagic ships that sail the Dark Tapestry, like the crashed one the Technic League keeps secret at Silver Mountain, riding comets, or a hypothesized 9th circle spell).

But wait, before I go rushing off to Kyonin to see if the elves might tell me more, I got another lead. In South, Central Numenaria, in the little forest there, is a tower called “The Choking Tower” full of strange golems, and pipes and smokes. 20 Years ago it was the domain of Furkas Xoud, a great wizard of the Technic League. Apparently he is the one who created the giant Knockwell Golem everyone is so afraid of, so he’s gotta be mega-powerful. He hasn’t been seen for 20 years, and some think he is dead, and others just that he is still missing, but there seems to be activity in his old tower yet (noises, occasional smokes ….). But here’s the thing, before he disappeared he mentioned meeting a male, ranger Lashunta, and is the last known person in this part of the world to have met a Lashunta. That’s gotta be my biological dad, Nassilo. Surely, this Furkas Xoud know lots more about the Lashunta, and interplanetary travel, and probably my own biological dad. Even if Furkas IS dead, he probably left notes somewhere in the Choking Towers. I’m going to suggest to the guild that the parts they need to recharge the King’s mindrender baton, might be availible as loot, or for trade, at the Choking Towers, in hopes that they/we will mount an expedition …

Desnus 12th
So last night I went to sleep in my tent as the caravan was stopped as normal. Next thing I know I’m waking up on the saddle of a galloping horse, with a Tiger Lord barbarian holding me and grabbing my ass! It was the same guy that I talked down on my way to Starfell. He was so impressed by me that he wanted to KIDNAP ME TO BE HIS WIFE! Apparently it’s not even that unusual among the Tiger Lords. Can you believe that? Well, obviously I’m not ready to marry this fellow, I’ve barely met, and didn’t know what was happening, so I tried to escape. Nope grip too tight, don’t try to wrestle half-orc barbarians. (Did I mention he’s a half-orc, Aekro I later found out, and they just call him Aekro the Half-Orc, because he hasn’t earned a name of honor yet). So that didn’t work, so I dazed him. Not as easy as usual while being grappled, but I did it. In the few seconds he was dazed I spilled off his galloping horse and got up and tried to get back to camp. He circled back around, I summoned a horse and mounted it. Now both our horses are galloping along, but he’s trying to hold onto me anyway and pry me off the saddle. And he’s strong. And daring. And if not exactly handsome, at least sexy. But, kidnapping? Nope. So I cast grease on myself. His hands are slidding all over me as I’m escaping, and he’s complaining of cheating. I’m like, hey mess with a sorceress and expect magic … I make it back to camp, and his friends are trying to keep the rest of my party from chasing him and rescuing me. Except Mnenosyne who apparently “meditated” straight though a half a dozen barbarians sneaking into camp, and me being kidnapped, but nooooo, don’t call it “sleeping” that is a weakness of the lesser races who have emotions and stuff … Anyhoo. Aekro’s friends were all ribbing him for his failure and he blushed as he left …

And … well … I could have used void breath or magic missle. i could easily have hurt Aekro, or his horse. But I didn’t, even when I thought I was being kidnapped. When I finally DO marry, I’m gonna tell this story. A lot. And I’m going to be cagey about just exactly how long Aekro and I were gone, before I “escaped” and came back to camp ….

Broderick's Journal

We got back to cave and, lo and behold, there was Feck, eating dead giant spider leg and installing it’s muscles into his arm. Once finished with the arms, he plans to move on to switching out his eyes for spider eyes. I gave him my flagon of beer, and he began to issue forth the most marvelous discussion of the intricacies of this variety of beer. I took copious notes, and I can only hope to be able to make a reality some of this holy speech. Surely my god put me here to receive and record this information! Perhaps I am destined to be a great prophet of Caiden Cailean! My future is bright, my faith reaffirmed, and my course clear—to create these divine beverages for all people, bringing the glory and wisdom of Cayden Cailean to all!


UPDATE: <ghostly> new plan…

Adventure Record (3)
First Adventure

Badgers. We fought a horde of badgers for our first adventure. Well actually it turned out to be a little more complicated than that. As it happened the badgers were being controlled by a faerie sorcerer, under some evil influence of a magic stone. The drunkards all sat around telling stories while I meditated, but when I became aware of the situation there was combat. In the end we killed his minion and got the stone. The poor humans barely made it back alright. I’m very wounded. I wonder… What dangers face us next?


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